Science and medicine have come together to develop this revolutionary device for home and professional use. The Bio-Mat is an exceptional high-quality heating mat used in holistic and integrative practices all over the world. The Bio-Mat uses state of the art technology that contains 17 different layers of materials designed to facilitate radiant energy through far infrared rays. Scientific studies indicate that far infrared energy stimulates the production of healthy cell tissue promoting faster more complex healing processes. Far infrared therapy also encourages the elimination of cellular wastes, encourages lymphatics, decreases inflammation, assists in easing joint pain, stiffness, and more. Unlike a simple electric blanket - the unique combination of the Bio-Mat materials create a soothing radiant energy that is relaxing and promotes wellness - there are 4 comfort range settings that can be used to target your desired comfort and wellness goals.

The Bio-Mat stimulates ion channels by producing negative ions that deliver healing energy to the cells of the body. The infrared technology delivers pulses of energy through patented layers of fabrications and amethyst- which acts as a superior conductor of energy. The refractive potential of amethyst elongates the infrared light wave and transforms it into a longer wave or far infrared wave. The mini Bio-Mat measures 33"x17" and comes with its own plastic hard shell carrying case with shoulder strap. All instructions, Bio-Mat EMF inceptor, control panel, and 1-year warranty and shipping is included. The Bio-Mat is also available in the professional size which measures 74"x28".

A PRE CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED BEFORE PURCHASE - Please contact the office to schedule your personalized consult. All mats are shipped direct from the factory.

This is the ORIGINAL Bio -Mat Product - accept no substitutions! US FDA Registrationmedical Device # 2954299