Herbal Compression Mask


This wonderful herbal mask is carefully blended with herbs and flowers known for their soothing and toning properties. The mask is crafted as a single use item and is as easy to use as preparing a tea bag! Simply soak the mask in a bowl with very warm water to steep the herbs and flowers for 30 seconds- take the mask with the herbal side facing in and the foil side facing outwards and gently squeeze the excess water- and position the mask over the face ( the nose area has a cut out for easy application). Gently use your fingertips to press the mask and form it to the face - you can also use light pressure points as well for a wonderful relaxing "scentful" experience. We recommend using a light serum underneath the mask for added hydration. You may also add a warm towel on top of the mask for added warmth and longer application before it cools down - 10-15 minutes in general. Because there are no preservatives in this mask we do not recommend trying to re-use it. CAUTION! DO NOT USE BOILING WATER to soak the mask and ensure that the water temperature is comfortable before applying to the face by testing it on your wrist. Do not use this mask if you have allergies to herbs or flower ingredients in this mask. We do not test on aminals and there are no artificial preservatives. CONTAINS: A proprietary and proportionate blend of 100% natural botanical materials including Hamamelis Virginiana, Rosa Centifolia, Tilia Vulgaris, Rosa Damascena, Melissa Officinalis, Rosmarinus Officinalis. Made in Germany.

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